DM cube
Inner-city transport is the theme for the first hall, and central to this is an enormous cube, the first side the
visitor see being a cut-away of a typical urban street, showing road construction, and everything that happens
under our feet; water, gas, telecommuniations and electricity services, sewers, toots, animal life, underground

DM trains
The second hall is devoted to land travel, and displays some of the Museum's great collection of trains, coaches
and cars, from the earliest locomotives to luxury motor cars from the 'thirties.

DM Avus

In the third hall, devoted to sport in general and motorsport in particular, there is a display of some of the
Museum's fabulous collection of racing and rally cars and motor bikes on an Avus banking, including the
legendary Auto-Union and Mercedes-Benz from the 1930's, as well as a 1955 300SLR and a F1 Williams,
an Audi Quattro and a Messerschmiddt 3-wheeler record-breaker. Laid out under glass is a completely
dismantled F1 car, showing every single component.

DM skaterjpg

Display using wire-framed models showing the various inclines involved in sport and motion